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    OnXDC is designed specifically for Xinhua intellectual process control System by Xinhua Group. It utilized many advanced network communication control technologies, image processing technology and multi-media application technology. It enjoys a high degree of modularity and integratability. It was developed by dozens of engineers by utilizing advanced software developing methods and process and it has been tested strictly by software testing engineers. It is featured by  its simple operation, strong functions, excellent performance, software stability and reliable quality.
    The software includes two parts: HMI (human-machine interface) visualized graphic configuration software---xHMI, and Control strategy graphic configuration programmable software---xCU. xHMI can achieve graphic display, convenient, intuitive and visual graphic generating, while xCU has plenty of control algorithms whose programming methods met  IEC61131-3 along with those application commands the xCU has. The system structure is as below:


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