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system introduction

       TiSNet - P600 adopted I/O module of Xinhua 33 Series and had Xinhua Controller!XCU as its core, which is composed by Xinhua 32-bit CPU. It can form the DCS system of optical fiber ring net structure or star net structure according to the field environment requirements. 
  TiSNet - P600 was composed of Xinhua redundant controller XCU, Ethernet switch, Power, I/O module of 33 series, communication network and HMI. It uses Visualized Graphic configuration software and HMI of frame window. The distributed RTDB (Real Time Data Base) can be shared on the internet. The system is applicable to distributed control, monitoring and information & data treatment of various industrial producing processes..
      With the web-based operating functions of TiSNet - P600, it can search and call images though IE. It can display real time information and data on IE interface and perform the remote transferring of files and data.
  With the adoption of Virtualisation Technology, TiSNet - P600 can complete the configuration and programming of control strategy and the full simulatation of the control strategy.
      XCU (Xinhua Controller), communication network, site I/O, multi-leveled and redundant structure of power source and HMI station of TiSNet-P600 assure the reliability when it is applied in key situations. With its high-reliable hardware¨s design, embedded control algorithm, open structure and redundant Ethernet communication network, TiSNet-P600 can form a process control system facing the whole producing process. 

#Xinhua Redundant Controller XCU.
#Redundant Ethernet Communication Network (100M).
#High Reliability, Stability and Real Time
#Centralized Visualized Graphic. Configuration Mode.
#HMI with Frame Window.
#Open Frame, able to communicate with the management level.
#Suitable for large-sized or medium-sized industrial process control system with 500-50000 I/O points. 

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