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    Programmable Logic Controller PLC
System introduction
    With many years’successful experience in industrial automatic control field, Xinhua Group fully utilized technologies of network communication, computer, embedded application, site bus, database, and multi-media and then launched the intellectual PLC system TiSNet –PLC based on network and visualized image configuration technology after launching the TiSNet series in our second round start-up.
   The intellectual TiSNet-PLC400 and TiSNet-PLC600 are new PLC control systems of sequence and process controls. According to different industrial environmental requirements, it can form auto-control systems for various types of process with I/O modules and HMI configured flexibly.
  TiSNet-PLC has the advantages of both DCS and PLC. It is a PLC system with DCS control strategy and communication network. It is also a redundant and fault-tolerant automatic control system.

  Network and modular structure
      Network controlled PLC device, whole-modular industrial structure. Dual Ethernet interfaces, TCP/IP protocol         


  Redundant, fault tolerant, automotion control systembrand new PLC with dual-CPU. Two CPU modules: one is in charge of main control and the other is in charge of following up.  

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